29 Department: on the field of government procurement to carry out joint disciplinary subject of serious violations of dishonesty

In December 2018 06, from 10:13: 138479.xyz

138479.xyz Beijing December 6th Beijing electric (reporter Chen Meng) according to the national development and Reform Commission official website news, to promote the construction of credit system in the field of government procurement to speed up the establishment of joint dishonesty disciplinary mechanism, the national development and Reform Commission, people's Bank, the Ministry of finance, the Central Organization Department and other 29 departments jointly signed a "memorandum of cooperation on the field of government procurement body to carry out serious violations of dishonesty the Joint Disciplinary" (hereinafter referred to as the "memorandum").

The "memorandum" pointed out that the Joint Disciplinary object mainly refers to the violation of the "government procurement law" in the field of government procurement activities, and other laws, regulations, rules and regulatory documents, which violates the principle of good faith, there is a serious illegal acts of dishonesty identified by the government procurement supervision and administration department in accordance with the law of the parties to government procurement. Includes two categories, one is the person in charge of government procurement agencies and suppliers, directly responsible and other directly responsible personnel; two is the government procurement expert.

Information sharing and Joint Disciplinary implementation, "memorandum" requirements, the Ministry of Finance sharing platform to provide information to the credit responsibility of other units signed a "memorandum" and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national credit information through dynamic update. Other units of information sharing platform for the main responsibility of dishonesty from the national credit information, it will serve as an important reference to perform their duties according to law, according to the memorandum of agreement, according to the law of the main responsibility for the implementation of Joint Disciplinary dishonesty. The establishment of the disciplinary effect of regular reporting mechanism, the relevant units according to the actual situation of regular Joint Disciplinary implementation of sharing platform of feedback to the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance by the national credit information.

According to the "memorandum", each unit in accordance with the relevant provisions of the trust responsibility subject to take one or more disciplinary measures. Include:

(a) to restrict access to financial subsidies and funds and social security funds support;

(two) limit in the government investment construction project bidding activities according to law;

(three) according to the law to limit access to government land supply;

(4) according to the law to limit access to qualified certification bodies and certification;

(5) to limit participation in infrastructure and public utilities franchise;

(six) the establishment of a securities company, fund management companies, Futures Company and other approval reference;

(seven) the establishment of a commercial bank or branch office approval reference;

(eight) the establishment of an insurance company approval reference;

(nine) will not be accepted on the application for the issuance of corporate bonds;

(10) to strengthen the registration of non-financial corporate debt financing instruments management;

(11) according to law as corporate bonds approval or filing reference;

(twelve) the Switching Company stock, bond issuance and audit in the National SME share transfer system public transfer audit reference;

(thirteen) as domestic listed companies to implement the equity incentive plan or related personnel to become equity incentive object the matter in the post regulatory reference;

(fourteen) the listed company or listed public company acquisition in ex post regulation to focus on;

(15) securities, funds, futures qualification application to be strictly audit, securities, funds, futures practitioners shall focus on related subjects;

(sixteen) major asset restructuring audit of non listed public company reference;

(seventeen) independent fund sales agency approval reference;

(eighteen) limit in the Internet information services, strictly examine the telecommunications business license application;

(nineteen) financial institutions financing credit reference;

(twenty) to strengthen the daily supervision and inspection;

(twenty-one) according to the limit as the legal representatives of state owned enterprises, directors and supervisors;

(twenty-two) to limit the legal representative registration institutions;

(twenty-three) according to the restriction of financial institutions as directors, supervisors and senior management personnel;

(24) recruiting (recruits) for civil servants or institution staff;

(25) to restrict participation in the assessment, appraised or acquired the honorary title;

(26) for the tax credit management of Prudential reference;

(27) approval and management for foreign exchange business Prudential reference;

(twenty-eight) according to the law restrictions become customs certification;

(twenty-nine) increase the supervision of import and export goods;

(thirty) according to the law restricting the receiving toll road rights reference;

(thirty-one) to suspend the approval of the science and technology related to the project;

(thirty-two) strict and cautious approval of the EIA issues new extension projects;

(thirty-three) as to restrict the distribution of the import tariff quotas of reference;

(thirty-four) to the public through the "credit China" website, China government procurement network, the national enterprise credit information publicity system and other major news sites.

(commissioning editor Feng Li and Yuan Bo)

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