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A bunch of bananas can also change a way of thinking popular (economic observation, how to ensure the quality of poverty)

Newspaper reporter Cheng Huan

2018 12 06 April 04:42 source: People's daily

The winter season, is located in the mountain area of southern Guizhou Ceheng county is still a piece of green.

Located in the intersection of the angle and the Beipan River area, two shares of the river water is three outflank trend, as will be trapped in a pocket in Ceheng county. The remote location, traffic inconvenience, coupled with the complex topography, the economic development has been seriously hindered. At the end of 2017, Ceheng county poverty rate was 16.54%.

County rural population accounts for about 80%, in the lack of industry support, to remove poverty county hat, development of agricultural industry is the key. In recent years, based on the natural environment, industrial foundation and advantages of resources, the county established a "south and North in livestock and food industry layout.

However, the nanpan-beipan River along the coast of the township, the high mountains and deep valleys, ravines, land scarcity and other unfavorable factors, promoting the industrialization of poverty alleviation is fraught with difficulties. How to let people out of poverty in the expected time, while the formation of long-term mechanism to get rich? The real test of the wisdom and ability of cadres.

"About this, our eyes bright, a treasure map to find the feeling"

Although the Ceheng County zone along the broken terrain, but the hot water is rich, the annual average temperature over 20 degrees celsius. For a long time, the local people have a banana tradition, but only sporadically cultivated in Fangqianwuhou hillside. Because the traffic is blocked, the banana can rarely sell, do not eat to simply rot on the tree. Occasionally, the trouble of villagers, pick a banana tramp over mountains and through ravines two or three cents a pound to the market, are seldom mentioned.

A few years ago, a foreign tourists traveling by car, via the ledge town tasted bananas, the thin tender, sweet and soft waxy quality praise. When you leave, he also deliberately picked a bunch of weighing 80 pounds of bananas, ready to give friends early adopters. The villagers saw the "golden master", he shouted out the price of 1 yuan per kilogram, two or three times the local market price. Did not expect visitors without demur, tongtongkuaikuai gave money.

A bunch of bananas sold 80 yuan, the news quickly spread throughout the town, the town Party Secretary Li Chengen said: "it was scorched by the flames on the industry, but has not found a good project. About this, our eyes bright, a treasure map to find the feeling."

After a long period of time, Li Chengen led the agricultural section and poverty alleviation cadres head into the mountains, on whether the development of banana industry as leading industry to conduct field research. "Natural conditions can produce high-quality bananas, and the bottom slopes can grow, there is enough space for security scale development. Especially the key point, our fellow planting experience, do not need to spend time doing AB technology promotion."

Carefully planned return: an acre of land for 110 strains of banana seedlings per plant at least 40 pounds per kilogram of hanging fruit, as long as sold for 8 cents an acre of land, there are 3500 yuan of income. "Take care of properly, a seedling can make two or three banana trees, then gain but also strive for further improvement." Li Chengen learned that banana seedlings began Guaguo 14 months later, a little scale can be achieved throughout the year, banana recoverable. "Effective, sustainable income, poor households coverage, it is not hard to find a good way to our poverty?"

In 2015, after a full feasibility study, the ledge town decided to focus on the pillar industry layout of banana planting.

"Never make money, now says the banana can help us build up the family fortunes, who dare to believe"

"For generations, never make money, now says the banana can help us build up the family fortunes, who dare to believe?" Industry selection, implementation is not easy, the first hurdle is done through people's ideological work. Luo Wang Cun poor households Luo Fuhui dozens of acres of mountain home, tried for economic crops, but with little success, and finally a popcorn point of life. He leaned slack when doing odd jobs for a family of seven, although the day difficult, but do not expect to rely on farming to change life.

At that time, the ledge town get no funding to promote people kind of banana, first in credit loans 200 thousand yuan set up cooperatives from Guangxi purchased 2000 acres of banana seedlings, the mobilization of the village cadres to take the lead demonstration planting. The county learned that ledge town situation, from the provincial capital to 9 million yuan for the project funds, in the low valley area of the township to promote the banana industry.

Shortly after, Ceheng County introduction of industrial policy, subsidies to 550 yuan per mu at the early stage of banana seedlings and planting, farmers purchase for compensation. Also to raise funds, improve the county rural group 4 traffic network and other infrastructure construction, actively with major business platform and local commercial agricultural super docking, banana mountain ready.

"Equivalent to their money, but also help solve the problem after the sale, Guaguo cooperatives to not less than 0.8 yuan per catty acquisition price, I was tempted." Luo Fuhui thought: a corn planing to cost, per acre net profit of less than 150 yuan, and the expected income is much higher than that of the banana. In this way, 50 acres of banana to trickle down.

2016, the banana planting area over 2.5 million mu. Although the local farmers are planting base, but has not yet reached the professional level. In order to improve the yield and quality of planting, a grower cooperatives organization, and members of the village cadres to Guangxi, Yunnan and other areas of learning; on the other hand, technical experts invited Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences and agriculture at all levels to field training.

"Farm manure, the use of ripener is not allowed, only according to the requirements for them to ensure the acquisition of." Look at the banana tree growth, Luo Fuhui decided, this time on it.

"The primary products sell now, the future will extend the product life cycle, increase the added value"

2017 years of spring, early fruiting banana mature, two years of painstaking efforts of the poverty alleviation industry, finally ushered in the first big test. 4 months, banana line in the "Guizhou post asperifolia nostalgia business platform, 1 hours sold 10 thousand pounds per kilogram, the price of over 3 yuan. Since then, the banana into Jingdong, asperifolia business platform, on-line 4 days sold 19 tons, became popular in the night. Last year, online sales of 232 tons of bananas Ceheng, drive sales of 1000 million yuan, the average income of 1.8 million farmers.

"Last year I cooked banana only a small part, but also sold 40 thousand yuan, did not expect to keep the poor ravine to poverty." This year, Luo Fuhui has 30 acres of banana trees and ripe bananas picked every day, every time it is to go to the town of cooperatives to send a car goods.

The ledge town of a professional cooperatives responsible Qi Xinggui said, now every day at least 20 tons of bananas in the town gathered, not overnight can all loading to all parts of the country. "The high quality of the banana price rose to 1.5 yuan, how much we sent farmers on how much, don't worry about selling."

As of August this year, Ceheng County banana planting 65 thousand acres, fruiting area of over 20 thousand acres, the output value of 150 million yuan. 7812 poor households filing riser in banana planting, industrial base, cooperatives each year can be fixed or not fixed to absorb 8600 people poor labor employment. Blood type poverty alleviation and the most difficult row to hoe, is a bunch of bananas to pry open the breach.

"The primary products sell now, the future will extend the product life cycle, increase the added value." Ceheng County deputy magistrate Ouyang Chuan introduced, after a period of time, the introduction of the banana processing plant will be put into use, it can be the nearest deep processing of banana banana cream, banana powder and other products, the annual output value is expected to reach 50 million yuan.

An area of 44 acres, a total investment of 20 million yuan of banana sorting center, also completed the construction of the main body, set grading and packaging, cold chain distribution, market transaction, data platform as a whole, is gradually put into operation. Not far away from the town of Gaoluo District, big banana data covers an area of more than 600 acres of Industrial Park under construction in poverty alleviation......

From seedling planting, processing, sales of electricity providers, to the cold chain logistics, tourism, future Ceheng county plan through three production integration, to achieve industrial development and farmers income win-win.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 03 Edition)
(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)

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