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Green development, deep ploughing ecological industry (celebrating 40 years of reform and opening up, 100 cities, 100 counties and 100 enterprises)

Newspaper reporter Zhao Yongping

06 December 2018, 04:42 source: People's Daily - People's daily

In the late autumn, the Qiandao Lake is full of water, and the two sides of the Straits are all dyed.

Thousand islands lake, China Forestry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhong Lin Group) of the 1000 hair group, witnessed the green water Castle Peak's hard won: 20 years of deep ploughing, 18 forest farms firmly transformation, from "cutting tree" to "look at the tree", from "sell wood" to "sell scenery", good ecology in exchange for "money scene".

This is a microcosm of the green development of China forest group. As the only central enterprise in the forestry industry, China forest group has increased its net assets by 20 times in 5 years, its operating income has increased by 3.5 times, and its total profit has increased by nearly 10 times.

Ecological priority, a wood "three chain integration"

Ten years of trees, forestry is a long "slow industry". For a long time, the industry has a low threshold, poor efficiency and extensive development. With the complete commercial ban on natural forests, forestry is facing a new question of development: where does timber come from? How to protect the ecosystem? How to balance development and protection?

In 2013, the new development strategy of the forest group was gradually clear: adhere to the "ecological priority, green lead", use two resources, two markets to optimize resource allocation, cultivate core business, and upgrade the industrial chain upstream and downstream.

Through the "one belt and one road" east wind, China Forestry Group actively "go out". At the Suifenhe port in Heilongjiang Province, a log from the import to the finished product export has realized the "three chain integration" of the industrial chain, supply chain and capital chain.

Deep ploughing "original brand", old industry revitalize new vitality. Zhong Lin group develops rapidly around the main industry and the three industries: the development and utilization of forest resources, and the integration of upstream and downstream businesses; the seed and seedling plates, the annual production of forest and crop seeds increased from 2670 tons to 22 thousand tons, and the imports of seeds grew from 70 tons to more than 2900 tons; the eco-tourism sector, based on the forest resources, and based on the development pattern of "water conservation fishery" of Qiandao Lake, worked hard to build the industrial layout of "one lake to ten lakes, ten lakes and one hundred lakes".

Deepening reform, mechanism innovation and releasing vitality. China forest group has accelerated the reform of mixed ownership. In the past 5 years, 78 enterprises of mixed ownership have been set up and restructured, and 9 billion 400 million yuan has been introduced into private enterprises and social capital. The mixed transformation enterprises account for more than 60% of the enterprises owned by the group.

Optimize resources, pay more attention to protect green. "More timber is transported and less trees are cut down locally." In the fragile Tibetan Plateau, China forest group launched the "green ecological action", transporting 90 thousand cubic meters of timber to Tibet for two years, equivalent to more than 1400 hectares of natural forest protection. In the Leizhou peninsula of Guangdong and Cenxi of Guangxi, Zhong Lin people unreclaimed wasteland and built 1 million 50 thousand acres of artificial forests to turn the once desolate land into a forest oasis.

Forestry industry is an ecological industry, and green development must be emphasized. Over the years, group companies have grown exponentially, and economic indicators have multiplied. The most fundamental thing is to seize the strategic commanding heights and seize the nose of ecology. Song Quanli, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee, said. Over the past 5 years, the timber business scale of China forest group has increased from 3 million 660 thousand cubic meters to 50 million cubic meters, accounting for 20% of the country's total imports.

Innovation mode, production and city integration, co construction, sharing and win win.

Looking at the timber industry, many enterprises are scattered and weak. How can they be transformed? China Forestry Group is committed to building a comprehensive service platform for forestry transformation and upgrading, integrating upstream and downstream industries around the border, along the Yangtze River and along the coast.

The integration of production and city is the first step. In 2014, China forest group and Suifenhe jointly built the industrial park of the National Forest and wood industry city. A park, integrated production services, financing services, intensive use, resource sharing 4 platforms for the enterprises to provide "nanny" service, through joint construction and sharing, to achieve win-win situation.

Financial hematopoiesis is an urgent task for small and medium-sized enterprises. The construction of information flow, logistics and capital flow has been established by the National Forest City, enterprises and banks. With the "gold lettered signboard" and financial support of the central enterprises, the park enterprises are thriving.

Forestry Park produces comprehensive benefits. In 2017, the total revenue of the national forest industry city was 6 billion 600 million yuan, and the industrial output value was 2 billion 500 million yuan. More than 2000 of the workers in the forest area realized re employment, contributing to the transformation and development of the local area.

The integration of production and city continues to replicate and open the market quickly. China forest group set up a company in the port city of Manchuria, opening 6 special train stations, with an annual volume of about 2000000 cubic meters. We should further improve the layout of the whole industrial chain and speed up the construction of more than 10 forestry industrial parks, including Rugao port, Xinmin Chau port and Suqian port.

Green leads forestry towards high quality development

Green development, forestry is undoubtedly "close to the water tower", but how to "get the first month"? Zhong Lin people dig deep forestry multiple functions to realize industrial ecology and ecological industrialization. "From trade to industry transformation, we have taken the first step, from" bigger "to" doing better and stronger ", and we need to work hard in the development of high quality. Lin Zhan, general manager of China Forestry Group, said.

How valuable is a fish? The structural reform of the supply side of the thousand fat group gives the answer: Based on the common silver carp and Bighead, and with water conservation as the precondition, it forms a complete industrial chain integrating "aquaculture, management and protection, fishing, marketing, processing, cooking, tourism, scientific research and cultural creation". Ecological economy plays a multiplier effect. Last year, the group sold 3 million 500 thousand kilograms of organic "Chun fish" to achieve sales revenue of 86 million yuan. At the same time, the tourism industry developed rapidly, receiving more than 100 thousand tourists per year and 150 million yuan for ecotourism.

Zhong Lin group explores forest development and integration into the surrounding forest resources, and builds a "forest health care" industry integrating forestry, tourism and health. It develops eco-tourism projects such as Ningbo Shang gang and Xishuangbanna yademannong resort. At present, the group's eco-tourism industry covers 25 provinces, and total tourism revenue reached 396 million yuan last year.

Ecotourism is "one village after another village". Based on villages, China forest group has promoted a number of special eco-tourism projects, playing an important role in precision poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization. In Dahuang village, Jinghong, Yunnan, many tourists come to the mountains to touch nature. Forest products and handicrafts come out of the mountains, bringing new hope for development. Villagers jade said: "surprisingly, the local products in the mountains can sell good prices, and 106 villages in the village have 444 people out of poverty." Ao Shan village, Chunan County, Zhejiang, has developed a number of characteristic homestay, and the "rural tourism" which combines cultural tourism and Agro tourism has become a new highlight of the golden week.

People's daily (06 December 2018, 03 Edition)

(Editor: Bai Yu)

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