The Civil Aviation Authority: strengthen the consciousness of constitution of popularizing legal knowledge to build credit of Civil Aviation

In December 2018 05, from 14:58: December 5 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Qiao Xuefeng) in December 4th, during the first national constitutional propaganda week, is the fifth state constitution and eighteenth national legal advocacy, the civil aviation bureau, Chinese Chinese Air Transport Association and the Chinese Civil Airport Association Co sponsored the "rule of civil aviation legal knowledge contest total credit" the Finals held at BeiJing Capital Airport. The 6 teams in the finals, after fierce competition, produce the group first prize and two prize two, third-prize three, did not enter the finals of the 6 teams won the Excellence Award, the civil aviation authority in North China and East China regional administration special organization award.

It is understood that the contest since the June 14th credit care day start to December 4th for the national constitution the end of the day, which lasted nearly half a year's time, visitors experience the answer, industry preliminaries, semi-finals, semi-finals and finals stage. The competition content relating to the constitution, the civil aviation law, civil aviation administrative regulations and rules, the civil aviation safety system, credit management system of civil aviation, civil aviation regulatory compliance system and civil judicial practice related knowledge.

From the north, northeast, East, South, southwest, northwest, Xinjiang seven division of the civil aviation administrative organs, enterprises, civil airports and transport service enterprises, research institutions and other units a total of 246 teams of 792 contestants, extensive publicity and guidance effect to form the rule of law in the industry and society.

In addition, the contest also set up special passengers answer section, passengers answer content including the constitution, the passengers "should be known," civil aviation integrity, consumer protection and other relevant legal knowledge, a total of nearly 100 thousand passengers in answer, formed widely in industry and society under the rule of law not only greatly enhance the publicity and guidance effect. The overall quality of civil aviation personnel and legal level, to popularize the Constitution in the whole society of knowledge, and guide consumers to consciously abide by the relevant rules and regulations of civil aviation, the formation of healthy credit consumption and travel habits, and jointly safeguard the aviation safety and operation order, it plays a positive role to enhance the whole society's constitution consciousness, legal consciousness, credit consciousness.

The civil aviation bureau relevant responsible person said in an interview with reporters, "the rule of civil aviation credit" legal knowledge contest is an important part of the civil aviation Chinese celebrate the country's reform and opening up 40th anniversary series of activities, but also an important carrier of the Civil Aviation Law publicity. In 40 years, the civil aviation law construction times, standardized and scientific legislation and improve the level of supervision of the industry, continue to strengthen capacity building, to further standardize the market access and traffic rights licensing examination and approval, the basic form of "civil law" as the core, the industry covering all areas and all aspects of scientific and standardized, structured, complete convergence civil aviation regulations, provide a strong guarantee for civil aviation safety and operation order.

(commissioning editor Feng Li and Yuan Bo)

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