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138479.xyz Beijing 12 5 Xinhua (reporter Qiao Xuefeng) 12 March 4, ushered in the 5 countries in the Constitution on the occasion of the State Administration of Taxation, tax bureau of Beijing city to carry out the "diffuse" words "tax, grow with you" as the theme of the comic book publishing activities.

It is understood that the comic to students learning and life more more as a theme, vivid publicity about the basic tax laws and regulations, to meet the students cognitive characteristics by writing and understanding of the tax law publicity and education of readers, and actively explore the content and innovation of the publicity of the tax law, tax law, master legal knowledge to guide young people to establish the rule of law consciousness, develop law-abiding habits.

Deputy director of the Party committee, the State Administration of Taxation Tax Bureau of Beijing city Wang Wei said, this activity is the institutional reform of the tax bureau in Beijing city in the first youth, released this comic book is the tax workers in youth tax propaganda in the mode of education and a beneficial exploration. "Youth Education Tax in Beijing city has been able to achieve a good situation today, including the junior school will tax from small to large, and tax workers the spirit of innovation and actively practice are inseparable."

He stressed that strengthening the youth legal education, is to fully implement the basic strategy of rule of law is an important content, the Beijing tax bureau Party always attaches great importance to youth tax law publicity and education work, increasing youth legal efforts, the breadth and depth, so that the work of standardization, institutionalization and normalization.

It is worth mentioning that the comic's biggest characteristic is "3 innovation", namely the planning, selection, cartoon production is complete the tax cadres in their spare time, with "originality, innovation and originality". Deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation of Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone taxation bureau Party committee, Wang Qinghu said that the selection of the cartoons this novel way is a useful attempt to tax law popularization, aims to provide the students the interpretation of China's tax law, let the young people establish a correct concept of the rule of law of tax. "Tax cadres feel the significance of tax law publicity in the creation process at the same time, also opened a new chapter in the development of tax law popularization work of the youth."

In order to let students learn better knowledge of tax, tax cadres and student activities also show common comic book story, during the interesting story and hit off performance attracted the applause broke out from time to time, the activities to a climax. Then, the volunteer teachers junior school tax made comments on the story, and the story content and students interact, lead students to learn knowledge of Taxation, the tax triggered thinking.

"Since 2005 since the establishment of junior school tax, Miyun District tax bureau always adhere to carry out youth publicity and education tax, more than ten years of persistence, let us know that the youth tax law publicity and education is a long-term, persistent work." The State Administration of Taxation Beijing Miyun District tax bureau Party Secretary Jiang Xuedong said that the development of juvenile tax school, embodies the support and attention of leaders at all levels, cooperation cannot do without education, justice, publicity, volunteer services such as multi force, Miyun District tax bureau to juvenile legal education and striving for the national tax tax. Demonstration base as an opportunity, never satisfied, never stop, but continued to play the positive role of youth tax law publicity and education for teenagers, regional tax law publicity and education work to add power!

A student representative after seeing the show said that through this activity, a deeper understanding of his classmates is not familiar with the previous tax knowledge, but also understand the importance of tax work for society and the state, in the future to strengthen tax law more learning and understanding.

(commissioning editor Feng Li and Yuan Bo)

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