Foreign point in China like into Expo: buried under the cooperation of the seed, to grow into towering trees


11 month 2018 years 09 days from 08:07:

The picture shows the imported products procurement New Europe along the national scene, reporter Ceng Shurou photo.

The first Chinese International Import Expo is not only the opportunity to enter the world, Chinese manufacturers understand the market, for Chinese deep in the market for many years foreign investors, is a more open the door and the door of opportunity.

On the morning of 8, the Yiwu Municipal People's government, China arts and crafts import and Export Chamber of Commerce jointly sponsored by the "new Europe" countries along the imported products procurement meeting, reporter saw a number of years engaged in business in China's foreign, listen to them about the Expo in the new discovery, new feelings and new hope.

The feather for sugar, and export commodity to start the world-famous Zhejiang city of Yiwu Province, is now actively participate in the "The Belt and Road international cooperation, vigorously promote the import trade, aims to build overseas consumer goods to enter the Chinese bridgehead and important channel. The Expo held in the procurement of imported products, attracted a total of 35 countries from more than 100 foreign exhibitors, buyers and buyers in more than 300 China. Among them, more than 20 Yiwu buyers from more than 10 countries and overseas exhibitors at the scene signed a cooperation agreement to purchase, daily chemical products, general merchandise, food, wine and other Home Furnishing category.

Aziz said in Afghanistan merchants fair is a great concept hitherto unknown. reporter Ceng Shurou photo.

Afghan businessmen Aziz is the resident foreign merchants in Yiwu, this time, he was holding the learning and research mentality, follow the Zhejiang purchase Mission came into the expo. He said that he love Import Expo very much, this is a hitherto unknown great concept. For a long time, people around the world are China from the procurement of goods, now, Chinese initiative to countries with open arms, warmly welcome the goods into the Chinese market, which makes many foreign businessmen in China have found more likely to develop business.

"In the past, my business is mainly Chinese commodity procurement, now, I think, is the characteristic of our country large-scale Chinese market products. Our Afghan saffron, the quality of the carpet are very good, you will love!" Talk about their hometown specialty, on the face of Aziz pan shine. He said: "I have seen our compatriots booth, I will in the Expo in turn a few more days, to other countries the booth up look more, understand the market demand and similar competing products, when I come again next year, will have more harvest!"

Like Aziz, the resident foreign merchants in Yiwu, a total of more than 1.3 million, 130 from many countries. In addition, the annual temporary entry of overseas buyers in Yiwu have 550 thousand people. They contact their head, aware of the country's trade policy environment and the advantages of goods; a contact China, understanding Chinese trade policy environment and business network, is the best bridge between foreign and Chinese market. They have become our country commodity dealer Chinese potential, this is also the Yiwu foreign group procurement delegation came to the mobilization into the Expo, they will become important in the Expo international purchasing power.

Wail Yasin from Lebanon to make use of into the Expo to grasp the information, organize more merchants China market inspection chamber. reporter Ceng Shurou photo.

Wail Yasin is the purchasing power of the shares. Yasin from Lebanon, Brazil, Arabia area of operations in the Gulf and North africa. He said, in the Expo is a grand meeting of the world, most countries have sent a delegation to participate in the Expo, to seek business opportunities. Here, all merchants to know each other and understand the seeds for future cooperation lay. Yasin said: "I am a year between Brazil and North Africa, the Gulf, West Asia, very understanding of these regions of the characteristics of goods. In the end of the Expo, I will make full use of the master into the Expo resources organization in Brazil and the Arabia chamber of Commerce members to investigate the market, promote cooperation." He also revealed that he is trying to contribute to the construction of an inland port along the border between Syria and Lebanon, and to find China partners, the economic and trade ties between Lebanon and Chinese more closely.

Syria businessmen Anas Sabuni this year to professional audiences come into the Expo, feel very good business atmosphere, next year he will bring Syria specialty products exhibition. reporter Ceng Shurou photo.

Anas Sabuni from Syria Aleppo, has been in Chinese life for 15 years, mainly engaged in trade in China, the toys, cosmetics, machinery and other exports to Europe and the Middle East countries Chinese. He said, in the fair to foreign investors means opportunity. The huge market volume China, Chinese people also love the quality of imported goods. After the opening, many countries will find a space for one person in the China products on the market, especially in his native Syria. He believes, olive oil, soap and other specialty products, will be loved by the people China. He was optimistic about the situation in Syria, he said: "this year, I was in a professional audience came into the Expo, I here feel good trading atmosphere. Next year, I will become a member of the Syria exhibitors, the introduction of high-quality products China."

Sultan businessmen said Ali into expo gave him strong confidence. reporter Ceng Shurou photo.

Ali from Sultan, has lived in Yiwu for 12 years. Previously, his business is mainly to building materials, household appliances, textiles Chinese from Sultan. Now, he began to consider Sultan's agricultural products, rubber and other specialty products to China to. He said: "this time into the Expo, we welcome the Sultan booth, which gave me a strong confidence. I think, in the Expo is like a bright pearl in the field of international trade, many countries want to light up."

(commissioning editor: Yang Xi, Tong Zongli)

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