The development of modern agriculture, the inheritance of red gene, adhere to the leading Party Building

Jinzhai gold (cohesion celebrates 40 years of reform and opening up out of poverty, City hundred County hundred enterprises for Research)

Newspaper reporter Xu Jing

In November 2018 09, 06:06 source: People's daily

40 years ago, Anhui in the hinterland of the Dabie Mountains, there is a small town, the per capita income of local farmers is only 78 yuan, the poverty population of 540 thousand people, accounting for 99%, can be regarded as "food, a lot of people in rags" to live on relief. 1986 years, the county was identified as national key poverty-stricken counties.

In 40 years, the farmers here from the beginning of the implementation of the household contract responsibility system, to the development of agricultural economy, to rural industrial development and infrastructure construction, never stop. Since 2016, the county completed a total of 12 thousand and 700 households of 44 thousand and 300 people out of poverty, 17 poor villages, poverty incidence rate decreased from 14.3% to 6.79%.

This is a small town, Anhui city of Lu'an province Jinzhai county.

To enhance the level of industrialization of agriculture to help farmers increase income

In October, it is ripe kiwi. Neat kiwifruit trees covered with fruit, South Village Jinzhai County Nanxi town villager Wang Xianchun in monkey Taoyuan busy. Wang Xianchun and his wife are disabled, his daughter married, his son was still in high school, family by Wang Mystus and more than 70 year old pig farming parents in the past, meager income. The first half of 2017, a distant relative of Wang Xianwu circulation of the 33 acres of land for kiwifruit, gave him daily management, usually responsible for watering, fertilization, weeding, annual income can reach 30 thousand yuan.

Now in Jinzhai, there are a lot of people like Wang Xianchun to change life. Jinzhai began planting kiwifruit test from 2011, 28 kiwifruit planting cooperatives in 2014 the county set up a joint agency, involving 22 administrative villages in 8 towns.

Vice chairman of Jinzhai Kiwi union general Lin Tao said, at present Jinzhai County fruit plantation area of 3 acres, divided into several areas for unified management. The usual planting management by various cooperatives, joint agency responsible for packaging, storage and sale.

There is a part of kiwifruit planted, not Guaguo, this year is expected to yield 480 tons next year, up to 3000 tons, the market prospect is very good." Lin Tao said.

In addition to the Jinzhai mountain kiwi, make full use of their natural conditions, the development of eight tea, herbs and other characteristics of the leading industry, the development of modern agriculture gradually mature, the level of agricultural industrialization is increasing year by year.

As of the end of 2017, Jinzhai County, new varieties of tea 29 thousand acres; complete new bamboo afforestation 28 thousand acres, bamboo area increased to 250 thousand acres; the development of Dendrobium more than 2000 acres, 85 thousand acres of other Chinese herbal medicines. The four new industry professional cooperatives and 396 family farms, all kinds of new agricultural business entities increased to 2533 in 2017, to realize the agricultural total output value of 3 billion 740 million yuan.

On the basis of expanding the scale of the Jinzhai County, continue to build the agricultural product brand characteristics. At present, 43 enterprises in Jinzhai "Chinese Changshouzhixiang" right to use the brand, Jinzhai, Jinzhai *, Ganoderma lucidum black trademark reached 19, Jinzhai, Jinzhai Black Tea kiwifruit were obtained geographical indications certification. In addition, Jinzhai also won the "Lu'an Guapian" origin "China medicinal fungi are" "economic forest of Chestnut Township" title.

The red gene into ecological tourism

At the end of October, Hefei resident Mr. Wang brought the family to Jinzhai County Dawan village self driving tour, the villagers run by Wang Xinyun "Xin Yun farmhouse".

Wang Xinyun's parents have their children go to school in the field of disease. Previously, the family income depends on Wang Xinyun's husband working outside, is the village of poor households. In 2016, she took the poor grants and government subsidies, will be home to 3 cottage into a farmhouse, now has an annual net income of thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan in 2017, getting rid of poverty.

"Spring and autumn season and holidays are the tourist season, many guests are busy cleaning the room every day." Wang Xinyun laughed.

Nature Reserve of Dawan village near Heaven Village national Mazongling, known as "the last primeval forest in eastern China, Dawan village, seize the opportunity, and strive to boost tourism development through poverty alleviation.

Dawan village first secretary Yu Jing introduced since 2016, Wan Cun de poor in 3/5 and are engaged in special breeding farm, the Dawan village in a considerable number of poor households are also engaged in tourism and other related industries.

Jinzhai county is an important birthplace of an important source and the people's army China revolution, relying on local red culture and natural resources, create "red blue green" eco tourism mode, relying on the Red Army square, Jinzhai Red Army memorial hall, Jinzhai County revolutionary museum development of red tourism, relying on Meishan, Xianghongdian reservoir development blue two relying on the natural scenery tourism, green tourism development.

At present, the county level 5A scenic area 1, 4A level scenic spot 6. In 2017, the county received 9 million 114 thousand tourists, earning 3 billion 500 million yuan.

According to statistics, only the Dabie Mountain tourism fast channel along the 9 Township, poverty by 44810 2014 at the end of the year, to 29802 2016 at the end of the year, the cumulative reduction of 15008 over the same period, the county accounted for the number of 42% out of poverty.

Organization and implementation of poverty alleviation project "fedral"

The morning of October 25th, a large fan village of Jinzhai county is very lively, first secretary Wu Chenhua to build a new and JIGUANSHI two groups of villagers to 9 residents of the house.

Wu Chenhua was working at the Anhui Agriculture University, in 2015 came to the farm village as the first secretary, the poverty alleviation work team. Just go to the village, is the housing problems of poor households impressed him.

The beginning of 2016, Da Fan Cun began the relocation work with vigour and vitality. At present, the village has 273 households 143 households have moved into new homes, 95 poor households 64 households have moved into new homes.

To let you move in, live firmly, can become rich, big fan Cun, set cleaning, fire protection, five guarantees the attendant and other public welfare jobs for poor households, monthly wages of 500 yuan per person. At the same time, in cooperation with the Anhui Agriculture University, the development of alpine and alpine planting wild rice, more than 1800 acres of tea plantations in infrastructure construction. By the end of 2017, has been out of poverty and large farm village.

"Before the villagers" and so on to "serious thought, can be said to be" to be "poor households, hope the government for more policy support. Now have changed." Wu Chenhua said, "before a lot of people are afraid of a poverty alleviation policy is gone, we set off the patience to explain poverty policy. This year, poor households have begun to take the initiative to request out of poverty."

Jinzhai County adhere to the "party and government leaders responsible, three Secretary grasping poverty, truly county and township and village group office station. 71 poor villages for poverty alleviation captain, the remaining 154 non impoverished village team stationed in poverty alleviation, the county 225 villages with poverty alleviation specialist. Organization and implementation of poverty alleviation "federal project, organization of rural households, there is the ability Bangdai party activists and help carry out solutions capable of large problems in life, helping to strengthen ideological linkage; industrial development, production and sales together; Bangdai labor workers, to achieve employment linkage; help promote poverty alleviation, maintain" four for four long contact mechanism and constantly improve and strengthen the party building long-term mechanism to promote poverty alleviation ".

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 04 Edition)

(Cao Kun Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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