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Figure 1: the Swiss audience customized personalized dessert dessert.
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Figure 2: a sculptor in chocolate sculpture the Great Wall style.
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Figure 3: the exhibitors in the function of art building integrated photovoltaic.
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Figure 4: application of exhibitors is demonstrating spinal fixation system.
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Into the Expo, a prosperous trading platform, an open platform. For buyers from around the world and exhibitors, this time, really a lot of harvest.

The more high-quality products and bring Chinese

November 8th, exhibitors merchants held docking of supply and demand in Shanghai National Convention Center Hall 6.2 will be a warm atmosphere. A China businessman is tasting African exhibitors brought Pineapple Juice, a satisfied look. He told reporters: "here the pure fresh juice, nuts are also very full, we have imported the intention of the product is ready to sign the agreement now."

These African exhibitors from Benin label production and sales company, the company president Bruno Gindeu told reporters that the exhibition is only 3 days, they will contact the 15 interest Chinese merchants signed 8 contracts of intent. Jinide Ukraine on the trip to Shanghai is very satisfied: "next year in the fair not only I want to, but also introduce other enterprises over, will be more high-quality products to Benin Chinese." Jinide Ukraine tone tinged with joy.

Booth, Uruguay einville ranch sales representative ho Huan told reporters: "Uruguay land area of 80% for agriculture and animal husbandry. We carry out natural stocking, each cow has the equivalent of a football field of activity space, so we have the best quality beef sold to Chinese."

Uruguay is the world's beef and mutton production country, the national 50% production for export. "I am a few days every day to receive more than a dozen customers, they of Uruguay beef products showed great interest, but are very professional. For example, they will ask the former beef hindquarters, transportation, how to ensure the quality of slaughter after the traceability system etc.." Ho Huan, "China people's living standards improve quickly, to consumer products of higher quality. We have half the ranch beef exports to Chinese, but I think it still has the potential to be excavated. Into the Expo set up a platform for international trade really for us."

Willing to provide more support for Chinese Enterprises

In the service trade exhibition, Germany Rhine TUV group booth received Hainan central standard Academy of quality line. Hainan free trade zone to develop vigorously the development of new energy vehicles in the future planning, every 25 kilometers to build a fast charging station. Central standard quality research institute wants to discuss electric cars and car charging pile installation and detection technology standard formulation.

"To find a very suitable partner, bring us a lot of inspiration." Central Standard Quality Science Research Institute Li Yuchao said the person in charge.

"We've talked for two hours, feeling there are a lot of problems to docking." Xia Bo, vice president of the Rhine TUV group Greater China commercial and industrial products and services introduction. "China enterprises gradually from the production of products to participate in standards development stage. We as the third party quality inspection standards and service providers, to provide more support for China enterprises."

Enterprises have more first-hand information on imported brands

"The cleansing water, mask and Cleansing Cream are net red explosion models, I just want to purchase a number of......" From Xi'an to Europe speed import and export trading company Zhao Xiangyu, India flower makeup brand booth in Japan with the sales director Xu Chao not talk of two, is going to sign orders.

Zhao had over 30 years of age, 3 years of start-up companies with annual sales of more than 5000 yuan. In the Expo, Zhao Xiangyu shouted "worth, past purchases of imported goods, all through agents, asymmetric information, high cost and low efficiency." Now, he works directly with many imported brands, first hand information.

"The purchase of cosmetics, Japan produced by sea, arrived at the port of Tianjin, do not have clearance, sea and railway transport directly on central trains' Changan ', the shortest time to Xi'an bonded port." Zhao Xiangyu plans to Japanese imports by Xi'an re export to Europe, to take on The Belt and Road ", the extension of Japanese goods exports to the European market.

"This is not only to feast their eyes, also exposed to many high-quality trade service providers. A new understanding of a Japanese shipping company, they have the price advantage in Europe and America routes, maybe after cooperation." On November 7th, signed the two single, general manager of the national machine group SUMEC International Technology Trade Co. Hu Haijing non-stop around the venue, looking for business partners".

Into the Expo, "rewarding": sumeida to Japan TMT Machinery Co Ltd procurement chemical fiber production line for Hengli Chemical fiber, the total amount of $757 million; to the German equipment Technology Co. Ltd. procurement AIBA dimensional precast concrete production line equipment, the total amount of 400 million euros. "The next step we will continue to make more high-quality resources better absorb supply innovation, believe that the road will be wider and wider." Hu Haijing said.

Lift buy global consumer experience

"The Australian Museum of all kinds of health care products more, Japanese cosmetics is very delicate, the Thailand Museum has a lot of delicious......" Speaking two days visiting guest country venues, the general manager of the Henan gate network technology Co., Ltd. Li Yuanyuan Lianhu fun. She also gains a high gold content of the contract only. During the Expo held in Henan Silk Road online purchasing and docking site signed at the meeting, many enterprises including doors, signed a series of imported goods and services agreement.

How to further enhance the user "buy the world" consumer experience? Li Yuanyuan introduced them through the national innovation 1210 customs clearance mode, to create a O2O site from the store, "direct delivery to the bonded area, greatly shorten the consumers from order to receipt of the time, like shopping in the store."

"Into the Expo brand and products too much, I hope to see more contact, the introduction of more high-quality products, buy the world, we bypass!" Deputy general manager of Ningbo Free Trade Zone International Trade Company Bei Ning Xingyou Cao Xudong said excitedly.

Ning Bei Xingyou is home 4 years ago established cross-border trade supply chain enterprises. "The people's living standards improve, the demand of high-quality foreign products." Cao Xudong introduced, the company imports is expected to reach 2 billion yuan this year. Into the Expo, Ning Bei Xingyou will sign cosmeceutical and daily necessities purchase agreement with Japan Fauvisme company and kylin Hall Corporation, amounted to 700 million yuan.

Cao Xudong said, "in the Expo opened in Shanghai, and at the door. General secretary Xi Jinping announced the integration of the Yangtze River Delta national strategy, we will benefit a lot!"

(reporter Xie Yahong, Huang Fahong, Yu Jingxian, Shen Wenmin, Ding Yiting, Li Yi, Li Yan reports)

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"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 06 Edition)

(Yang Xi Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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