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Figure 1: Swiss dessert spectator makes personalized desserts for spectators.
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Dawei photo
Photo II: an engraver sculptures the the Great Wall on chocolate.
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Figure 3: exhibitors are introducing functional art and photovoltaic integrated architecture.
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Figure 4: exhibitors are demonstrating the application of spinal internal fixation system.
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Expo, a thriving business platform, an open communication platform. For buyers and exhibitors from all over the world, this time, there has been a lot of harvest.

Bring better products and enterprises to China

In November 8th, there was a warm atmosphere in the supply and demand meeting of exhibitors in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center 6.2. A Chinese businessman is enjoying the pineapple juice from African exhibitors with a satisfied look. He told reporters: "the juice here is fresh and pure, and the nuts are also full. We are now reaching the intention of importing products and are ready to sign the agreement."

These African exhibitors came from "label Benin production and sales company". Bruno Gindeu, President of the company, told reporters that only 3 days after the exhibition, they contacted 15 interested Chinese businessmen and signed 8 intentional contracts. He is very satisfied with the trip to Shanghai: "next year's Fair will not only come to me, but also introduce other companies to bring better quality Benin products to China." There was joy in his voice.

On display, Ho Huan, sales representative of anville ranch in Uruguay, told reporters: "80% of Uruguay's land area is used for agriculture and animal husbandry. We carry out natural stocking, and each cow has the equivalent of two football fields, so we sell the best quality beef to China.

Uruguay is the world's largest producer of beef and mutton, and 50% of its output is used for export. "I have received more than a dozen businessmen every day, who have shown great interest in Uruguay's beef products and are very professional. For example, they will ask about the situation of cattle and hind legs, how to ensure quality in transportation, and the traceability system after slaughter. He Huan found that "the living standard of the Chinese people is improving rapidly, and they are willing to consume higher quality products." Half of the beef in our ranch is exported to China, but I think there is still potential to dig. The Expo has set up a real international trade platform for us.

Willing to provide more support for Chinese Enterprises

In the service trade exhibition area, the booth of TUV group in Rhine, Germany, hosted the Hainan Zhongnan standard quality research institute. The Hainan free trade zone has worked out a plan to develop new energy vehicles. In the future, a fast charging station will be built every 25 kilometers. The Quality Research Institute of China South standard wants to discuss the technical standard setting of electric vehicle and charging pile detection and installation.

"Finding a very suitable partner brings us a lot of inspiration." Li Yuchao, director of Quality Research Institute of Zhongnan standard, said.

"We talked for more than two hours and felt that there were still many problems to be answered." Xia Bo, vice president of commercial and industrial products services in Greater China, TUV group, Rhine. "Chinese enterprises gradually develop from product production to participation in standard setting. We serve as the third party quality testing and standard setting service providers, and are willing to provide more support for Chinese enterprises. "

Enterprises have more information on imported brands

"This makeup remover, facial mask and facial cleanser are all exploded by net red, and I'm trying to buy a batch of..." Zhao Xiangyu, from Xi'an Europe speed import and export trading company, talked with sales director Xu Chao on the Japanese flower print cosmetics exhibition stand, and he plans to sign the order.

Xiao Zhao, who is just 30 years old, has set up 3 years of business and the annual sales volume has reached about 50000000 yuan. Zhao Xiangyu, who participated in the fair, was worth shouting. "In the past, the purchase of imported goods must be carried out through agents, with asymmetric information, high cost and low efficiency." Now, he is directly in touch with many importing brands and has first-hand information.

"The cosmetics purchased this time, produced in Japan, do not need to be cleared by sea to reach Tianjin port. The sea rail intermodal transport directly pulls the central European column" Changan number "and the shortest time to Xi'an bonded port. Zhao Xiangyu plans to re export Japanese goods through Xi'an to Europe and take "one belt and one road" to extend Japanese goods to the European market.

"This time not only has a lot of eye catching, but also a lot of excellent trade service providers. A new Japanese shipping company has a price advantage on the European and American routes, and maybe they can cooperate. " In November 7th, after signing two large orders, Hu Haijing, general manager of the National Machinery Group Su Mei Da International Technology Trading Co., went on the stadiums and stadiums to find new business partners.

At the Expo, Su met the "full load": purchasing the chemical fiber production line from Japan TMT Machinery Co., Ltd., directly supplying Hengli Chemical fiber, with a total amount of US $757 million; and purchasing the fabricated precast concrete production line equipment to Germany abbwei Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., the total amount is 400 million euros. "Next, we will continue to absorb more and better quality resources and innovate our supply, believing that the road will grow wider and wider." Hu Haijing said.

Promoting global consumer experience

"There are many kinds of health products in the Australian Pavilion. The cosmetics in the Japanese pavilion are very delicate. There are many delicious food in the Thailand Pavilion." Speaking of these two days, the general manager of Henan central gate network technology Co., Ltd., Li Yuanyuan, is enjoying his visit to the guest house stadiums. She also harvested a contract with high gold content. A number of enterprises, including the middle gate, signed a series of agreements on import commodities and services during the Henan online Silk Road procurement and on-site signing meeting.

How to further enhance users' "buying global" consumption experience? Li Yuanyuan introduced that, through the 1210 customs clearance mode of the whole country, they created the O2O experience store on the spot, "directly stocking up to the bonded area, greatly reducing the time from the order to the receiving time, just like shopping in a physical store."

"There are too many brands and products in the fair. We hope to see more contacts and introduce more quality products to buy the world and build bridges!" Cao Xudong, deputy general manager of Ningbo Ningbo international trade company, said excitedly.

Ning Xing Yi Bei is a cross-border trade supply chain company founded 4 years ago. "The living standard of the people has improved, and there is a great demand for high-quality foreign products." Cao Xudong introduced that the import volume of the company is expected to reach 2 billion yuan this year. At the Expo, Ning Xing Ying will sign a purchase agreement with Japanese Fauvisme company and Kirin Tong company to make up cosmetics and daily necessities, amounting to 700 million yuan.

Cao Xudong said, "the fair will be opened in Shanghai, just as it is at home. General secretary Xi Jinping announced that we must increase the integration of Yangtze River Delta into a national strategy, and we will certainly benefit a lot.

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