Into the Expo, "painted" the future of life (reporter notes)

Newspaper reporter Huang Chao

11 2018 09 04:33 on the source of years: People's daily

Before entering the venue, people may think that chemical and mechanical commodities will be in the Expo the leading actor on the stage. But as long as a turn in the exhibition hall will find many exhibitors products involved in each of us the daily life of ordinary people, eye-catching exhibits, audience reviews. Whether it is innovation or design technology, are committed to make people's lives better, easy and simple.

8, a particle protective masks in the Expo children into the world's first, according to the characteristics of 7 - 12 years old children face, breathing patterns do a new design, to ensure that the filtration efficiency of not less than 95% at the same time, but also to enhance the comfort of wearing masks.

In the Expo 100 a number of new technology and related products released for the first time, many of them are focused on the details in order to improve the quality of life of consumers. The high-profile infant special MRI exhibition, children can be directly put into the emergency room, zero distance diagnosis; Italy a small household electrical appliance manufacturers unveiled a new automatic coffee machine, only in the mobile phone APP gently, can be multi dimension operation, coffee bean grinding amount, thickness, cup taste such as shading can be precise control.

The exhibition is nearing completion, but the field of personal consumption booth redubujian. People need for a better life is growing, China huge middle-income groups is rising, these are creating diversified needs. "A new era, sharing the future", beautiful picture of life in the future, through the exhibits, is in sight.

"People's Daily" (11 2018 09 05 on April edition)

(Yang Xi Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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