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Figure 1: the ultra high-end 256 row Revolution ct.
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Figure 2: people watch Crafts Pavilion in Uzbekistan.
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Figure 3: Central trains model caused by the spectators.
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Figure 4: Chilean avocado is popular in the exhibition.
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Philippines National Exhibition of traditional dance performances.
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President Xi Jinping at the opening of the first international China Import Expo presented keynote speech: "in the pursuit of happiness of life is the common aspirations of all peoples." In the Expo, the French fashion brand design, Japanese direct transport bluefin tuna, the United States, Germany Home Furnishing intelligent appliances wireless charging car...... More than 10 thousand kinds of exhibits covering clothing, food, shelter, and other aspects. At the same time, health care, education, tourism, pension and other consumer services related to the exhibition also crowded. The world's leading products, technology and services by the Blitz, reflects the new trend of consumption upgrade Chinese.

"It's eyes are looking at flowers, what want to try." Into the Expo Shanghai trade delegation member Yao Chunying said. A better life but in the upgrading of consumption in different poses and with different expressions, the tide, there are some common points: pay more attention to health, pay more attention to quality, the pursuit of enjoyment.

Unlimited market potential health

"I heard this Korean Hair Coloring agent by plant extracts, health and environmental protection, I'll order a purchase price of $26 per bottle." Suzhou Hengfeng import and Export Co., Ltd. procurement staff Ju Yongsheng had dragged a 20 inch suitcase, there are a variety of samples, "I this is not a box of goods, but a box of" health ", with the concept of health products more market."

In the Expo, whether to eat or use, fight health card goods be too numerous to enumerate.

In the area of food and agricultural products, the exhibits are mostly labeled "organic" and "natural" as a "global high-end supermarket". "In the past, as long as eat, now more to eat well, eat healthy. Into the Expo to see the lactic acid bacteria chocolate, coconut oil, natural air lobster...... I not only want to purchase, they will become loyal consumers." The Sichuan trade delegation members said.

"China to meet consumer demand, after the end of the morning milking, the milk will be within two hours' fresh lock ', benefit from trade facilitation policy, direct from New Zealand pastures China consumer only need 3 days." Niushi chairman Lan Xinyun Sheng Wenhao said.

In the clothing and consumer goods exhibition, from different countries and regions, high-quality products, clothing, gifts Home Furnishing also attracted a large number of purchasing groups. Lying in the United States Serta mattress, the Jiangsu trade delegation member Bian Jun said: "it is not the same, the waist has a strong sense of support."

You buy health, natural medical equipment and medical care can not ignore the exhibition. Here, the latest global medical equipment, new drugs and treatment means focus on appearance. The world's smallest wire free pacemaker, the world's first special baby NMR, can wear 24 hours to monitor blood pressure wrist type blood pressure meter, are healthy "artifact".

Germany AI can booth staff Jin Weikang said: "willing to pay a lot of consumer health, many people have asked me whether the product retail experience, which allows us to see the potential health Chinese brand market."

The high quality of life love

With the public consumption level, people's yearning for a better life is also reflected in the quality of consumption, exquisite life, the pursuit of fresh goods.

For many male consumers, the consumption quality is "cool". At the car exhibition, Audi's first production of pure electric SUV Audi e-tron, the company's wireless charging technology, can relieve the fatigue of the intelligent driving Faurecia seat...... To the scene of the car are spoiled for choice.

The Hebei trade delegation from Li Yuechao is a fancier car, in public import car exhibition turn for a long time, pointing to the right of the car couldn't help drilling experience a car. "In the past, only in the official website to see, this time finally see and touch, is really cool." Li Yuechao said.

For many female consumers, exquisite life is beautiful". Beauty and cosmetic products in the region, it can be based on 3D printing face mask, skin color, individual test after exclusive customized liquid foundation, but also according to the mood in the full mouth red, enjoy the selection.

"With the upgrading of consumption, people from sensitive to price to the pursuit of quality, and more inclined to the high-end, personalized, niche and service premium brands and products, this is a great opportunity for L'OREAL." L'OREAL Chinese CEO, said Han platinum.

In the children's eyes, fresh goods are "interesting". Japan and you stationery shop, cartoon dolls, sushi, fruit...... Gadgets do vivid, and actually is a rubber material. You better general agent China Zhang Linbin introduced: "each piece of rubber are composed of five or six small parts, the combination is a small toy."

The circulation industry research laboratory China Social Sciences Institute of finance strategy director Yi Shaohua believes that with the help of into the Expo platform, a large number of new products, services and technology into foreign Chinese, can greatly meet the needs of domestic consumption upgrade, especially on the quality of consumption demand. At the same time, can also be back to domestic consumption abroad, promote the steady growth of domestic consumption.

Enjoy the type of consumption gradually increased

"In the Expo, as if all of a sudden through to the future." Into the Expo is not only people, robots are more.

Auto spot welding robot 12 only large mechanical arm, work like dancing; table tennis robot through the motion prediction of table tennis racket, can calculate the angle and return point; surgical robot can not open, not open the case, complete the operation through several channels, small trauma, less bleeding.

In addition to these tall on the robot, and has entered the daily life of the people of the robot in the box: Ma Xiansheng National Convention Center (Shanghai) robot shop, serving for you; at the National Convention Center (Shanghai) office area, mechanical arm "leopard coffee" as you brew the coffee, the robot "leopard secret" to help you guide; window cleaning robot has sweeping robot, and into the Expo exhibition in some families.

"Imagine a robot for your work, cleaning, service life is how to enjoy! Is an important direction of intelligent consumption upgrade, more and more applications of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, liberated people from some of the burden of housework." The Shaanxi trade delegation Tang Fei said. Consumers have more leisure time, mean enjoyment consumption increased gradually. A research report showed that the consumption of Chinese residents is gradually to the development of the modern type, and enjoy change. Among them, both real consumption also service consumption.

In the fair not only provides a variety of products for consumers, but also provides a variety of import services. With the domestic purchasing power of residents increased, tourism and cultural service consumption demand is rising quickly, has become an important aspect of people's pursuit of a better life.

In the service trade exhibition, bringing together hundreds of exhibitors from around the world service trade, logistics, retail, business covers finance, consulting, service outsourcing, cultural education, creative design, tourism services etc.. The hot and cold service products can also reflect the upgrading of domestic consumption characteristics. "Tourism goods" gradually neglected, and some personality designed lines, such as Aurora tour, "immersive" waterfall exploration but not hot.

The exhibition, many companies appear to the purchaser and provider of double identity. "We are not only to the brand exhibitors procurement volume, to provide more brands from import to domestic sales of the whole process of supply chain services to allow domestic consumers to enjoy better products and services in a shorter period of time." Vice president of Shenzhen yiyatong supply chain Limited by Share Ltd Qiu Pu said.

Because of short period is 6 days, into the Expo exhibition of goods and services, there are many ordinary consumers do not have the opportunity to experience the scene. According to reports, a group into the Expo "6 +365 days" platform has been completed, both online platform also has the physical market, can benefit more consumers. Into the Expo never ending, life will be more wonderful!


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