To construct the fate of the community bank (support private enterprises in action)

The people's Bank of China -- Interview with party secretary, China silver CIRC chairman Guo Shuqing

Newspaper reporter Qu Zhehan Ouyang Jie

In November 2018 09, 04:24 source: People's daily

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out recently in the private enterprise forum, to solve the financing difficulties of private enterprises financing problems. At present, the financial sector measures taken? How to enhance the enthusiasm of the bank insurance agency services for private enterprises? How to help private enterprises to bail out problems? The reporter interviewed on issues related to the people's Bank of Chinese party secretary, Chinese silver CIRC chairman Guo Shuqing.

The fingers into a fist, alleviate the difficult initial success of private financing

Q: General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed the need to give priority to solving the problem of private enterprises especially small and medium-sized enterprises financing even less than financial capital, financial management measures taken in this progress?

Guo Shuqing: financial management departments resolutely implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping and the CPC Central Committee decision to deploy, aiming at the difficulties and key problems of private enterprises in financial services, continued to force in 5 aspects: one is stable, steady, steady, steady expected confidence in financing. The people's Bank, the CIRC relevant departments jointly issued a document, put forward specific measures in many aspects. The two is the change, reform and improve the supervision of financial institutions appraisal and incentive and restraint mechanisms, the performance assessment and support linked to the private economy. Three is the "extension", to broaden the financing channels for private enterprises to fully mobilize the resources of all kinds of financial credit, bonds, equity financing, trust, insurance, etc.. Four is the "Tang", increase the disposal of non-performing assets, revitalize the stock of credit to make more money to support private enterprises. The five is "down", take measures to reduce the cost of financing of private enterprises.

The fingers into a fist together and force, to ease the financing difficulties of financing of private enterprises has achieved initial success. According to incomplete statistics, now the banking financial institutions loans to private enterprises accounted for the entire loan ratio of nearly 1/4, growth continues to rise. As of the end of the third quarter, 18 main commercial banks of Small and micro businesses average interest rate of 6.23%, compared with the first quarter decreased by about 0.7 percentage points, city commercial banks, rural small and medium financial institutions were reduced by 0.28 and 0.85 percentage points, such as the Internet Banking for micro public bank Small and micro businesses of the average interest rate fell by 1 percentage points.

Recently, there are several steps, the parties concerned. One is the "measures" management of commercial bank financial subsidiaries have been open to the public for comments, will be formally released later this month, will be expected to mobilize more financial funds to support private enterprises. The two is on the stock pledge financing risk, especially in the face of the positions of the private enterprise of one of a policy plan, risk assessment. The overall situation, the banking financial institutions are currently able to appropriately handle the equity pledge risk, no open stampede. The three is to allow insurance funds to set up a special product in listed companies and private enterprises to resolve the liquidity risk of stock pledge. There are 3 special product, the total size of 38 billion yuan.

The classification of measures to help private enterprises to get rid of the predicament; set goals, to allow private enterprises to obtain sufficient funds to support

Q: now private enterprises reflect some banking financial institutions to difficulties, problems of private enterprises blindly off the loans, loans and loan pumping pressure. Silver CIRC as regulatory authorities in this regard what are the requirements?

Guo Shuqing: Silver CIRC met the requirements of the banking financial institutions objectively treat the difficulties in the development of private enterprises, the implementation of differentiated credit policy, take meticulous and targeted measures to help private enterprises to get rid of the trouble.

Specifically, there are three main categories: the first category is the enterprise sudden risk events in environmental protection, production safety, product quality etc.. Of this one policy one by one analysis, help to reduce the risk of. The second category is the credit default. Banks and enterprises as a community of interests, with the face of difficulties, not simply off the loans, loans and loan pumping pressure, to avoid a fatal blow to the enterprise, also reduced the bank's own credit losses. The third category is for private entrepreneurs suspected of violating the law or with the discipline inspection and supervision of investigation and other events, require the banking institutions to strengthen communication with the local government to do everything possible to ensure production, steady employment, steady confidence. Of the above, we constantly sum up experience, but also accumulated some effective measures, will continue to improve and promote.

Q: on the part of private enterprises to reflect the high cost of financing, regulatory measures in place to monitor and plan?

Guo Shuqing: General Secretary Xi Jinping in the private enterprise forum emphasized gradually reduce the cost of financing. I think, first of all from the start to change the concept of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises alike, equal treatment. To be clear, the bank in the credit policy, credit business and internal assessment, shall not have any ownership discrimination. Secondly, banks should set up the cost of financing the management mechanism of private enterprises. The next step, to transfer pricing incentives, loan process management optimization, improve the differential interest rate pricing ability, cut lending rates and a cut in service charges by way of internal funds, shorten the financing chain of private enterprises, to clean up unnecessary "channel" and "bridge" link, the loan interest rate level of reasonable control of private enterprises, to reduce the overall the cost of financing. Again, to continue in-depth remediation of banking irregularities, unreasonable financing charges, severely punish disguised raise the cost of financing behavior, highlighting the problems of the masses, to increase accountability efforts rectification. Finally, to reduce the formation of force comprehensive cost of financing of private enterprises, to implement the State Council on further standardize charges related enterprises to reduce the requirements of private enterprises especially Small and micro businesses financing additional costs.

To reform and perfect the supervision and assessment mechanism, stimulate the services of private enterprises endogenous power

Q: now some banking financial institutions loans to private enterprises still have certain loan psychological fear, how to push the banks to put down the burden, let the light strengthen financial services to private enterprises?

Guo Shuqing: the key is to promote the formation of private enterprise loans, loans, would dare to loan credit culture, and implement the whole process of credit, the banking financial institutions are willing to do, can do, will do the business of private enterprises. The so-called "dare loan, is to require banking institutions to establish due diligence exemption, error tolerance mechanism, accelerate the development of supporting measures to amend the unreasonable system, stimulate the services of private enterprises endogenous power. The so-called "loan", is the demand of credit resources of banking financial institutions to tilt to the private enterprises, formulate special credit policy, delegated approval authority, a separate credit line to ensure private enterprises always maintain full credit space. The so-called "willing to loan", is to fully consider the operating characteristics of private enterprises, to re-examine and review and revision of the original incentive mechanism, to fully mobilize private enterprises engaged in the business staff's enthusiasm and initiative.

Q: the improvement of financial services to private enterprises, will set specific policy objectives?

Guo Shuqing: according to incomplete statistics, now banks loans, private enterprise loans accounted for 25%, while the share of the private economy in the national economy more than 60%. The private enterprise from the bank loan and its proportion in the economy is not matched, does not adapt. In the long term loans in the banking sector support for private enterprises should fit the corresponding proportion in the national economy of the private economy. Therefore, financial services for private enterprises, we will set the corresponding policy objectives, to allow private enterprises to obtain sufficient financial support from financial institutions. Preliminary consideration of loans to private enterprises to achieve the "125" target, namely in the new corporate loans, loans to large banks to private enterprises is not less than 1/3, small and medium sized banks is not less than 2/3, for 3 years, loans in the banking sector to private enterprises accounted for the new corporate loans ratio of not less than 50%.

Q: understanding is the guide of action, in the service of private enterprises on this issue, do you think that financial institutions should promote understanding of what?

Guo Shuqing: to promote the bank and the two sides especially financial institutions to form a community of destiny and consciousness and thought. The real economy is the foundation of finance, finance is the lifeblood of the real economy, financial services for the real economy is the bounden duty of financial purposes, is the financial foundation of this, the fundamental measure is to prevent financial risks. Private enterprise is the bank's strategic business customers, growth potential is great, the proportion will be higher, to help private enterprises to survive, is to help the financial industry through the fight to prevent defuse financial risks battle that mark. Financial institutions should be fully aware of the importance of service, private enterprises and the urgency to build a common destiny of the bank, with the common development and common prosperity pull together in times of trouble.

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 02 Edition)

(Yuan Bo Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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