Into the Expo, get a sense of where you come from (the first run China International Import Expo)

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11 month 2018 years 09 days from 04:24: People's daily

Backed by the Yangtze River, facing the Pacific ocean. These days in Shanghai held the first international China Import Expo, both exhibitors and buyers, and are full of feeling.

From a real contract alone

The German enterprise SKK pot hall crowded. According to SKK Chinese agent Zhao Tianping, only 11 7 April all day long, just signed a contract with 9 new partners, signing a total of about 9730 million, but also fully negotiate with Shanghai Ming Jing Industrial Co. Ltd., is expected to reach the depth of cooperation.

As early as a year ago, Cargill began to prepare to participate in the Expo, 100 day countdown with activities also held. 11 5 April in the Expo opening day, Cargill and several Chinese company signed a cooperation agreement, involving many fields of beef, corn, cotton and food ingredients, such as iron ore, the contract amount of more than 24 million.

More cooperation is reached: Beijing Lijia company and PHILPS company in Holland purchase intention agreement signed, the contract amount of about 100 million yuan; the Beijing Tongren Hospital, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, 11 hospitals and Holland PHILPS company signed a purchase agreement of intent, the contract amount of about 120 million yuan; Papadopoulos assets and Shanghai Yin Bo wood reached in Illinois 5000 square feet of storage facilities rental cooperation; Shanghai electric as Dubai 700 MW thermal power project of the EPC contractor, to SIEMENS company purchasing power main equipment, the completion of the project will be built in the world solar thermal absorbing tower, the highest field the most advanced technology of solar thermal power plant......

From the vast Chinese market development

President Xi Jinping in the opening ceremony of the Expo announced the keynote speech, Chinese will continue to expand market access. The next 15 years, Chinese imports of goods and services will exceed $30 trillion and $10 trillion respectively.

Ethiopia businessman Dej Meskel booth, a white sesame, soybeans, mung beans, red kidney beans, chickpeas and other agricultural products samples. He told reporters, thanks to the Chinese open policy, company in 2015 began to export products China. 7000 tons of soybeans and 3000 tons of sesame exports last year. "The little amount of Chinese, but to our company is large orders. So we pay more and more attention to Chinese market".

"Every day there are twenty or thirty Chinese trading delegation came to inquire the product quality, price, transportation and other specific circumstances, ask the question very carefully, the professional level is also high, illustrating their purchase enthusiasm and sincerity. They are particularly interested in soybean and sesame seeds." May Sckell said, "on the morning of 6, a large enterprises and Jiangsu Nantong signed a $20 million contract for soybeans. After returning to Ethiopia, I will prepare the product as soon as possible. We say a good price of soybeans. If the first single contract successfully, we will continue long-term cooperation."

7 pm, a business hall booth was packed with reporters, camera lenses are aligned with a 10 carat emerald. "Zambia is the world's second-largest producer of high-quality emerald, has good transparency and strong green." Zambia ambassador Winnie Chibesa Kong Dazheng to promote the country's specialty - emerald.

Qi byssa hole Dagang visited several enterprises in Zambia booth. She said, entrepreneurs are excitedly told she received a lot of orders, they come back to tell colleagues "we do a lot of business in China". I believe there will be more small and medium-sized enterprises in Zambia come to the exhibition next year. "If there is no market, to promote the industrialization process in africa. China open a broad market for our small and medium enterprises, provides opportunities for development." Qi byssa holeto said she will suggest that the government of Zambia to build a National Museum of Zambia in the next year will Bo, "let Zambia enterprises and products more prominent".

From acquaintance with new friends and partners.

May Sckell said that he not only met a lot of Chinese merchants, businesses and other countries also established contact. Ukraine, the UAE and Mexico businesses are very interested in his agricultural products. "This proves that in the Expo to promote the liberalization of global trade. We can save time and cost, but let us get more profits". The next year, he will come to the exhibition.

Cargill president of Asia Pacific Security Botai said, "hold the first into the Expo, embodies the Chinese in promoting global trade growth support. Into the Expo provides a good platform, government, institutions, enterprises, and even ordinary consumers can use this platform to promote exchanges and understanding." The company China President Liu Jun said: "President Xi Jinping China reiterated support for free trade, pledged to deepen agricultural fields open, to create a world-class business environment. Cargill Chinese to further deepen reform and opening up full of hope."

Azerbaijan HIS travel tourism market on behalf of Aelia Hasimova 8 and 5 China travel agencies to negotiate, and 3 of them signed an agreement of intent. The future of HIS travel agency will host the China tours travel agency in Azerbaijan. Ha Simo Va told reporters, Azerbaijan is rich in tourism resources. "We have great potential for cooperation between countries in tourism. The signing of the Chinese partner will hold monthly bring a regiment of frequency. We estimate that we double the annual reception of visitors will China. Very pleased to be able to bring more friends to the beauty of the Azerbaijan Chinese."

From a step towards more wonderfull life

Into the Expo venue area, walking is not easy. However, many visitors dragging suitcases, the shuttle in different venues, walking in a hurry, his face filled with joy and comfort. In the business hall of Japan and South Korea, tofu puffs, vol....... Many visitors to sweep the two-dimensional code using a mobile phone shop, bought a lot of snacks on the spot. Some people said that the end of the 10 day the day there are many businesses dumped goods, when it came to jianlou".

SKK in the deep understanding of the Chinese market, launched the "aoniu de pot" experience, consumers buy the pot can be specified, for 12 consecutive months, the monthly free different parts imported from Queensland Australia ranch of fresh beef, eat all cattle within a year". Experience also includes buying tools send organic vegetables, coffee machine and coffee all over the world. SKK is hoping to open up the household consumption chain, to solve consumers are "good pot without good food" troubles, meet the growing China consumers for higher quality of life needs. SKK German leader Dieter Schneider exclaimed: "it's hard to imagine us in just 4 days, selling pot can sell $110 million!"

From learning to enhance the strength of

Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Research Institute, researcher Liang Ming said, domestic trade group through the purchase, can obtain the needed goods and services. This is a rare learning and the underlying window, through observe and experience of foreign new products, new technologies, new services, new models, new formats, and promote increased innovation in R & D and production and improve service levels, enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises.

Many businesses have told reporters that the first into the Expo effect than expected. Often to the world to participate in agricultural products exposition of May Sckell said that the Expo will give him There was no parallel in history. into opportunities "". He will carefully study China buyers demand, believe that the company's performance will continue to rise. "The Chinese saw the opening degree of Chinese, much bigger than I heard before. Promote President Xi Jinping put forward the higher level of opening up to the world, more opportunities for participation, we must take the development of enterprises in Ethiopia Chinese."

"The Import Expo in promotion of the transaction, to do the homework for the transaction, the harvest results. Through the exhibition as well as supporting rich matching activities, exhibitors to solve the product sales and market issues, domestic buyers to solve the supply problem, solve the problem of consumer spending. Therefore, we are full of harvest." Liang Ming said.

(reporter Ji Peijuan, Li Yan, Wang Di, Xie Yahong, Qi Zhiming, Tian Hong)

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 02 Edition)

(Yuan Bo Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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