At the door of global sale of large single contract sign.

China purchases of foreign praise

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In November 2018 09, 04:11 source: People's Daily Overseas Edition

As one of the ten large dairy enterprises in the world of the Holland Royal Friesland, in a live demonstration of the dairy products, professional nutrition, dairy ingredients three categories of 50 kinds of star products, most of which are not listed in the China, attracted many industry buyers.

In the Expo, spectators.

In the Expo, exhibitors enthusiasm to promote products.

In the Expo, ladies exchange booth in cosmetic skin care experience.

American company Amway for Expo volunteers to provide XS energy drink, to help volunteers to provide better service for busy buyers.

In the Expo, Yili and Kang and DuPont 32 world-renowned enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement, has made new achievements in the global dairy industry cooperation.

To enjoy the first Chinese International Import Expo charm and style, in addition to go to the stadium to see a riot of colours, a superb collection of beautiful things exhibits, and one cannot forget, see enterprises signed a contract order! Walking in the Expo venue, the comings and goings of the purchaser is one of the most common people, with their needs and sincerity to come, for Chinese consumer advocacy at home, "buy the world"; they all rush, race...... In a word, into the Expo, it is very busy.

Even the day, this reporter witnessed the different forms of the signing ceremony at the scene, some of them are big brands of large enterprises, with China market charm to attract a number of foreign companies to cooperate; some local trade groups to purchase, from which they can draw the outline of regional economic layout and upgrading; some aim at a certain concentration region in many countries, and the central trains along the line to maximize the advantages etc.......


Large enterprises and businesses

Relaxed confidence to buy buy buy

In fact, the opening of the Expo in the very next day, trading purchase boom. 11 in the afternoon of 6 March, the NetEase announced cross-border electronic business platform China signed a koala, nearly 20 billion yuan of orders with more than 110 global high-quality brands, which include not only supplementary purchase beauty, maternal and child health care products such as selling goods platform, also contains a Home Furnishing, supporting the new potential product procurement.

Previously, domestic consumers mainly buy imported milk powder, diapers, duty-free shops and high-end luxury beauty brands, has now begun to expand to more cost-effective daily necessities and cheap brands, such as cheap skin care products, personal care, daily health care goods, imported food, small appliances etc.." Koala NetEase CEO Zhang Lei said, these products not only greatly improved the quality of life of domestic consumers, has also led to the rapid development of overseas brand niche characteristics, overseas brands need to seize this opportunity.

In addition to the new order, an old friend of cooperation is also further deepen. The same day, the NetEase and the Australian Koala has Jiabao, Danone, Jianhe group, Nestle, Senofi nearly 10 international brands and the Group signed a strategic agreement to upgrade. NetEase of the koala, which helps to further strengthen the advantage in the global high level of supply chain; cooperation of enterprises, fully representative of the Chinese market confidence.

"In the next ten years or even longer period of time, Chinese will be the best market in the world." NetEase, said CEO Ding Lei, Chinese consumer market is large, many consumer groups, consumption level, beyond all imagination. Chinese buy all over the world, has just begun.

Like to buy the world China relaxed confidence in a few enterprises, signed several agreements breath a few of the enterprises. Look from the consumer goods transferred to industrial equipment and raw materials, many enterprises are also busy awfully.

11 6 April afternoon, Chinese Ocean Shipping Group owned enterprises and global partners signed a purchase agreement with 27. Among them, COSCO Container Shipping Co. Ltd. and global 9 terminal company signed a service agreement terminal; COSCO heavy industry limited company belongs to Nantong Kawasaki, Qidong marine and Yangzhou COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry and 12 suppliers signed a purchase agreement for marine equipment and spare parts; Chinese ship fuel limited liability company, COSCO Petroleum Co. Ltd. and China Shipping (Singapore) Oil Company Limited signed the purchase agreement of marine fuel oil and 5 suppliers; COSCO energy transport Limited by Share Ltd subsidiary Shenzhen far operators and 1 suppliers signed a purchase agreement with ship spare parts.

COSCO Group official said, over the years, the group with global suppliers to establish a stable relationship between the long-term and stable development of the purchase agreement to help the business.

On the afternoon of November 7th, "build the world dairy quality -- global partners forum", Yili and SGS, Victoria, Intertek, Tetra Pak, Kang beauty and DuPont 32 famous companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement, has made new achievements in the global dairy industry cooperation.

In recent years, Yili to accelerate the process of internationalization, in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania and other developed area to build a global resource system, global innovation system, global market system backbone network, deepening of global cooperation. Yili Group CEO Zhang Jianqiu said, only to strengthen global cooperation, to promote the sustained growth of the global economy; only to strengthen global cooperation to promote global dairy quality development. Yili is willing to build the world quality "in the process of" Chinese with wisdom".

Local trade groups

For upgrade products and services

In the "buy buy buy" in the team, as an important force, it is the local trade delegation.

In the opening of the Expo two days, many Shaanxi enterprises with a comprehensive procurement plan and a pair of "eye", a lot of harvest. The purchase of Shaanxi province in the 11 month 6 day conference and signing ceremony in Shaanxi Province, including the signing of intelligent equipment and high-end manufacturing, food and agricultural products, automobiles, clothing and daily necessities, medical devices and health care products, trade in services, raw materials, dozens of procurement contracts.

Among them, Yanchang Petroleum Group subordinate Yanchang Petroleum Materials Group and Yanchang Petroleum Group Rubber Co. Ltd., Japan and Singapore respectively and enterprises imported high-end equipment and materials procurement contract, the total amount of 230 million yuan. "This is just a part of the open group expanded to extend direct import." Yanchang Petroleum Group General Manager Zhang Kaiyong said that their main focus, the next step is to strengthen cooperation in the oil and gas resources development, oilfield, technological transformation and foreign universities, foreign high-end manufacturing enterprises, to improve enterprise efficiency, reduce operating costs.

In many places, into the Expo is a rare opportunity to expand the opening, but also boost the industry transformation and upgrading. Shaanxi provincial trade delegation Weinan branch deputy secretary general Si Hongzhe: "Weinan is the granary, cotton Library of Shaanxi Province, the traditional industrial or agricultural products. But with the reform and opening up, Weinan has carried out the industrial adjustment, so expect through this international event to introduce advanced equipment manufacturing, to further improve and boost the adjustment of industrial structure."

To observe the effects of different local trade groups purchase interest, also can grasp the development China regional economic transformation and upgrading from.

For example, in Jiangsu province hosted the "2018 major projects Intelligent Technology and Industry International Cooperation Forum" signing ceremony, the electronic information, intelligent technology, technological research and development of intelligent technology industry cooperation projects. Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee and BOSCH, SIEMENS and other enterprises, Anne wave luck automatic driving, intelligent transportation industry signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to expand the automatic driving business investment in the park, the establishment of cooperation network traffic intelligent test area. Suzhou Industrial Park, responsible person, the future, the autopilot will become an important means of transportation in the Suzhou industrial park.

For example, in addition to buy goods, Shanghai Trading Group is also a point of interest is the "buy service". In this Expo, Shanghai set up a service trade mission, from travel services, logistics and transport, information technology, service outsourcing, cultural education and professional services in areas such as thousands of enterprises entering the purchase transaction. "According to our understanding, turnover of the Shanghai trade delegation can be said to gain full, better than expected." Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce Director Shang Yuying said.

The regional centralized purchasing will

The door easily buy global"

In order to better grasp this home in front of the event, make more trade and cooperation in the first into the Expo related activities, frequent highlights. This reporter will observe a "new Europe" along the country will purchase imported products.

This activity is jointly organized by the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government of Yiwu City, Chinese Light Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, from Spain, Russia, Czech, Belarus, more than a dozen "new Europe" along the country's participating exhibitors. At the meeting, Yiwu City, an invitation to the world of small and medium-sized enterprises, hope will all products through Yiwu transported to Chinese and even in the world.

In the final part of the contract, more than 20 Yiwu buyers from more than 10 countries and overseas exhibitors are on stage, site signed a cooperation agreement to purchase, daily chemical products, general merchandise, food, wine and other Home Furnishing category intention of the amount of $250 million. Among them, Yiwu cloud Business Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd., Shanghai Ou Li Tak Brand Management Limited jointly signed a cooperation agreement with the three party purchasing 4 exhibitors from Italy, relates to the daily chemical products, skin care products and other categories of the intention of the amount of $25 million.

Yiwu yunshang Supply Chain Management Co., Huang Yuanli told reporters, as the import platform company, the company's procurement areas including food, wine, cosmetics, health products and other products, the reserve purchase amount may be as high as $80 million, then she should immediately transition to the next signing ceremony. "This came into the Expo, not only deepened the cooperation with old friends, signed for next year's imports of procurement plans; also at the scene with new partners and suppliers, help to develop new business."

In fact, in the world small commodity city, many enterprises in Yiwu have mastered many import channels and resources, but fair to them is still a rare opportunity. In November 5th Huang Yuanli Expo opening day at the National Convention Center, look carefully, has yet to walk around the exhibition hall. "Before the need to contact foreign procurement and suppliers, or by foreign suppliers to expand cooperation, but this exhibition on the home front, will make the business more convenient." She said.

Vilina Bratu is one of the 4 exhibitors in Italy signing at the scene. Her service brand began to enter the Chinese market last year, the scene of many buyers are new friends for her. "From 5 months of this year we have to prepare in the Expo, this is a rare opportunity. Here the purchaser and contact, let us know more about China consumer habits, understand the market situation of Chinese." Vilina Bratu said to the reporter, into the Expo is like China market open the door for many foreign companies entering the China opportunities, although the supply and competition more and more China on the market, but demand is rising, so that she can still view the growth of space.

Of course, language is not easy. As Vilina Bratu said, "China market is full of challenges, but it is the future". Pleased to see: the Expo into the machine, domestic and foreign businessmen are creating the future.

(Yuan Bo Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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