Innovation sharing platform of international standard docking platform

Into the Expo so that innovations "run" global

Newspaper reporter Qiu Haifeng

In November 2018 09, 04:11 source: People's Daily Overseas Edition

Into Bo Robelf meeting with Beckham robot staff interaction.
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The staff of Medtronic imaging system of the O type arm operation to the purchaser.
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Unmanned concept car exhibition Toyota Corporation.
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In the exposition on the "interest assembling rubber".
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The world's smallest cardiac pacemaker.
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The latest trend of intelligent technology and industry international cooperation, the global intellectual property protection and financial innovation and development, science and technology development...... In the first Chinese International Import Expo, a focus on "innovation" of the high-end forum held in succession, from multiple fields of global enterprises, experts around the topic of innovation are analyzed and judged. Participants generally agreed that, as the first to import as the theme of the national exhibition in the world, Chinese International Import Expo is not only the introduction of high-quality goods platform, but also innovation cooperation platform, docking international standard platform for global sharing innovation provides a strong support.


Innovation inspired event

"Flying car" "wireless charging" and "wake up AI zodiac"...... Into the Expo, a large number of black technology exhibits eye-catching. In the view of participating enterprises, opening and innovation to promote each other. Open innovation provides fertile ground for promotion and cooperation, but also to open innovation more vibrant, to a new height.

"We emphasize the openness and global partners to jointly promote the implementation of the" digital transformation of intelligent manufacturing, one-stop product manufacturing. With regard to, into the Expo provides a good platform for cooperation and exchange." MITSUBISHI electric automation (Chinese) Limited Senior Sales Engineer Wang Shoucheng said in an interview with this reporter.

In the MITSUBISHI e-F@ctory intelligent motor manufacturing exhibition, the reporter saw a PC in September this year, has just launched the industry. Wang Shoucheng, the PC industry can be real-time processing and analysis of data of the production site, and put forward the improvement process of the program. With a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution accelerated process, including MITSUBISHI motor, many global companies are trying to seize this opportunity and seek to strengthen technological innovation cooperation in the period of the expo.

As a global leader in medical technology company, Medtronic shows a variety of 30 global advanced medical technology and products in the Expo, including the world's first non conductor pacemaker, it uses minimal volume to achieve a more minimally invasive implantation and lower risk of wear; automatic insulin infusion system. It combines artificial intelligence algorithm with the help of more efficient management of blood glucose...... "Look through the Import Expo this international event, and from different countries and different industries show common medical technology innovators bring us revelation in future." Gu Yushao, senior vice president and President of Medtronic Greater China said.

OMRON healthcare Corporation in the Expo showcases the latest blood pressure monitoring technology products. OMRON healthcare corporation president Ogino believes that the China International Import Expo is a grand gathering of the world's major companies, through this platform, participants can conduct in-depth exchanges, learn the experience of innovation. "We hope to find suitable China partners in the field of information technology, remote control technology."

Wacker chemical through the fair this platform for the first time in China demonstrates 3D print and print 3D silicone gum, "through this exhibition, Wacker will introduce the forefront of the company's technology and products to the China market, looking for potential customers and partners to jointly develop the market China, and help China to the high-end manufacturing industries." President of Wacker Greater China Lin Bo said.

Standard power of Globalization

To promote innovation, advanced standard lead.

Into the Expo, around the standard certification, enterprises, government departments and organizations have discussions and actions.

Germany Rhine T V group released the "electronic product management and health guidance display blue white paper", and show the interactive touch one machine company issued a certificate for Hisense commercial low Blu ray. "Now, people use electronic display and continuous contact electronic equipment increasingly long time, resulting in the long-term effects of blue light on the eye and human health has been widely concerned. In the future, Rhine will rely on advanced technology in the field of testing and certification and experience, Hisense continued to boost the anti blue field in continuous exploration, the user's health caring guardian." Germany Rhine T V group vice president, Yang Jiajie said the service department of electrical and electronic products.

Germany Rhine T V, France Victoria Group, Switzerland standard, Meihua certification, Norway classification society and many other well-known international certification agencies into the Expo debut. Among them, China inspection innovation consortium with France Victoria group cooperation, the quality chain brand certification ceremony in France into the fair trade service area. What is the quality of the chain? At the ceremony, the staff use the imported accessories, on-site demonstration application quality chain: as long as the use of mobile phone to scan a two-dimensional code on ornaments, its production process, design ideas, customs information, origin information data and the standard information and test information showed up, consumers can "sweep away" rest assured, consumer.

China test senior vice president and vice president of the united detection innovation tide group Xiao Xue told reporters, "we hope to use technology to create the most convenient way to help consumers to see the product 'life', understand the product quality of all information. It can be said that the import of goods to buy the clear, assured, first with quality chain sweep."

"To seize the international standard and the industrial revolution an opportunity to fully play an important role in promoting innovation and development of standard specification in the standard of international standard and the advanced level of the world, to solve the lack of standard, lag, aging, make up the short board and livelihood security, improve the level of internationalization of China standard. To keep up with the pace of innovation of science and technology, the establishment of a new generation of measurement technology and reference research." Director of the State Administration of market supervision and management Zhang Mao said that the future will strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, promote the quality of infrastructure interoperability, promote the international mutual recognition, to achieve a standard, a test, a certificate, prevailing in the world, to promote investment liberalization of trade facilitation, and promote economic globalization.

To find Chinese innovation cooperation opportunities

"Now, go to Chinese, more contact with Chinese enterprises, to find innovative opportunities for cooperation, has become the consensus of the Israeli political and business." The first delegation to participate in the Expo in the science and technology minister Ophir Akunis said israel.

Into the Expo opening day, the Israeli Ministry of science and technology and the Shanghai Municipal People's government signed a memorandum of understanding, the two sides decided to focus on cooperation in brain science as the representative of the life science and agriculture, energy, environmental protection in four areas. To this end, the two sides will set up a joint laboratory, and jointly funded relevant cooperation projects.

Ophir Akunis, this is a memorandum of cooperation of seventh areas of science and technology in recent years the two countries signed with the relevant departments and local, a result is the first exhibition of Israel China international import expo. Cooperation in science and technology is the priority among priorities of cooperation between the two countries, both sides look forward to deepening cooperation in science and technology, the scientists of the two countries to increase field brain research, nanotechnology and other cooperation.

As one of the 12 fair in the country of honor, Russia has brought a lot of high technology products. Russian Federation Deputy Minister of Economic Development Ministry gruzdev pointed out that "in Chinese, service economy accounted for more and more, the role is also growing. Russia is the same, including Internet technology, electronic commerce, electronic technology and so on, we hope to strengthen exchanges in this respect."

Into the Expo, Italy showed the characteristics of Italy products and high-tech achievements in ten key industries. "Italy Chinese as an important partner, we hope to further strengthen cooperation between the new era, and with" a good opportunity for The Belt and Road 'initiative for the opening of China cooperation. Especially on the innovation of technology, both sides hope to have more exchanges." Italy Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economic development, Ministry of labor and social policy minister Dimallo told reporters.

Croatia's prime minister Andre Plenkovic said, "no more than what can stimulate innovation in trade, while preparing for the fourth industrial revolution, we see China has made a lot of technical aspects of the success. Technology makes our relationship more closely than ever."

"In some countries to carry out economic and trade protectionism, Chinese held International Import Expo is to an important position in the world. It not only stressed that countries should coordinate development, and that China is willing to play to help other economies share the responsibility of trade results." The United Nations Conference on Trade and development, Muhisa Kitui said.

(Yuan Bo Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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