Total iron: this year the golden week of railway transport capacity business overall record high

In November 2018 08, from 13:59: November 8 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Qiao Xuefeng) reporter from the Chinese railway company was informed that since from November 11th to 20th, the railway sector will give full play to the advantages of high-speed rail into the net, the scientific configuration of EMU trains, high-speed rail car reservation confirmation, the general speed train baggage car and other transportation resources, expand the "high speed up service, launched the baggage car cold chain express, high-speed rail transport of agricultural products and other new services, actively participate in the golden week transportation business.

Railway Corporation official said, in the face of the "double 11" once a year of electricity consumption feast, the railway department always adhere to the people-centered development ideas, to further promote the railway transportation supply side structural reform, give full play to the Gao Tiecheng network's strong Dayun force, launched a variety of high-speed rail express service, and strive to meet the people's growing the growth of logistics demand.

The person in charge, this year golden week railway electricity supplier overall capacity of resources on the record high, high speed rail passenger train daily using high-speed rail passenger EMU 700, reserved car group 132, high speed trains to 20, confirm speed passenger train baggage car 350, express cargo trains 4. Specifically for high-speed rail EMU high-speed rail speed up service to the 400 column is 10 times more than 2017 years. The revival of EMU is first to train special arrangements for one of the cars in Beijing to Changsha, helps the transportation of products.

Around the electricity supplier logistics demand, the railway sector to launch a variety of transport services. Continue to do a good job in high speed rail transport, passenger car confirmed EMU reserved car transport, express cargo trains transport on the basis of high speed, stable operation, good quality, good market reflects the "high speed up products, the completion of the eleventh expansion, opening and operation of line reached 431, covering 58 cities city.

With the upgrading of consumption, the railway departments to carry out technological transformation speed passenger train baggage car, will launch the first railway cold chain delivery of new services, in the future, the cold chain goods with high added value, low volume, multi frequency, can be used for Lee Che Youyuan refrigerator cold storage box and passive, in Beijing to Shanghai, Beijing to Chengdu to realize the cold chain delivery. The railway sector will also play a high-speed rail speed advantage, to strengthen the electricity supplier of agricultural products transportation. Jiangxi Gannan navel orange and strawberry in Dandong poor areas, Weihai, Shanxi and other oyster Apple electricity supplier of agricultural products, through the high-speed rail transport, rapid delivery of consumers.

The responsible person said, with the China high-speed rail network becomes increasingly dense, high iron can not only greatly facilitate passenger travel, and can provide efficient services. The railway sector will give full play to the spillover effect, to provide more high-quality services for the people.

(commissioning editor Feng Li and Yuan Bo)

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