"Double 11" during the period of maximum daily processing volume is expected to more than 400 million pieces express

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Original title: "double 11" during the period of maximum daily processing volume is expected to more than 400 million pieces express

Original title: "double 11" during the period of maximum daily processing volume is expected to more than 400 million pieces express

The reporter learned from the State Post Bureau: this year the express business season peak will appear in the "double 11" period, the whole industry is expected in from November 11th to 16th preliminary processing of mail (fast) business volume will be more than 1 billion 870 million, an increase of 25% over last year. The expected maximum daily processing volume may reach 4.1 million, more than last year growth of 23.9%; the average daily processing capacity of double 11 "period amounted to 3.1 billion, 2.4 times daily close to the amount of processing.

With the "double 11" express business season is approaching, the express service season security work has been paid more and more attention. In November 7th, Bian Zuodong, deputy director of the national post market supervision department said that the annual business season, the key period is the industry to improve service quality, enhance the comprehensive strength, is also an important period for the development of the national economy and social benefits play power.

Bian Zuodong said that the job security express season service this year, will focus on two domestic and international market, city rural two positions, adhere to something coordination, the linkage, in order to achieve full network paralysis, important node warehouse explosion, ensure safety, ensure smooth and smooth as the goal, continue to play a role of "the core mechanism of the peak delivery and balanced progress", to ensure the stable operation of the whole industry, rapid response, protection mechanisms play the National Bureau, provincial level three linkage and the government, associations, enterprises 3D interaction, realize the linkage, condensate heart cohesion.

According to reports, in response to the courier peak, postal and courier companies are fully prepared. In the network and transport center, vehicles, personnel, increase investment of about 20%, targeted to the expansion of the information system, and will continue through the addition of pre storage, reduce inter provincial allocation of circulation number of packages etc., scientific control of express delivery schedule. At the same time, for the stability of terminal network and incentive season quality service, part of the enterprise for the end of a school fee incentive mechanism, service prices began to return to rational, is expected to provide a guarantee for the quality of service. To further increase the investment in science and technology enterprises, more than 70% to intelligent production and management system.

The end of the service pressure is one of the prominent factors this season service guarantee work face. Bian Zuodong said, the postal administrative departments will take six measures to ensure the stability of the end, including thoroughly through the end of the network filing work, should be prepared as preparation, strengthen inspections, in the "double 11" period of large potential outlets to focus on inspections, timely monitoring by means of video surveillance. At the same time, and urge enterprises to strengthen the end of the reserve capacity, and encourage enterprises to strengthen cooperation at the end of the resource sharing, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and to strengthen the campus express service center guide to maximize community terminal integrated service station and intelligent express box function, make up for the end of the delivery capacity is insufficient.

(Zhao Shuang, Zongli commissioning editor: 8)

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