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China service imports huge potential

Newspaper reporter Wang Junling Wang Ke

In November 2018 08, 04:54 source: People's Daily Overseas Edition

The Ministry of commerce the Chinese International Import Expo released "China imports of services during the reporting period". This is China government issued in the service imports the first report.

It is understood that the "report" this paper is about 1.9 words, divided into six chapters, published in English. "With a large number of data report", fully explain the development principle of China service imports, this China service import contribution to Global trade growth, a comprehensive introduction to China cooperation and service trade partners in many fields and achievements, service and import situation, showing that the future China imports of services and Global trade partners and potential opportunities for cooperation.

The "report" shows that in 2017 China total imports of services $467 billion 590 million, an increase of 3.4%. The "report" that give priority to the development of service trade is an important measure to promote the upgrading and development of high quality China economic transformation, with the flourishing development of the service industry, service trade development Chinese foundation more solid. The future, Chinese will continue in accordance with the established rhythm, promoting a higher level and wider and wider range of service industry opening to the outside world, the market of imported high quality service China prospects can be expected.

The Ministry of Commerce, service trade department Xian Guoyi said that the need to expand imports of services is a new era of China for their own development, but also the common development of the new situation to the world, Chinese has made an important contribution to promoting the recovery of Global trade in services. Over the past 5 years, China imports of services to global services import growth rate 25.8%, is to promote the greatest contribution to global growth of imported services. China import service will provide a new impetus to global economic growth.

(commissioning editor: Cao Kun)

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