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Hello! People's daily economic and social department 138479.xyz are carrying out a research on expanding imports. We want to know about your evaluation of China's current import commodity market, in order to improve the import commodity market environment and provide suggestion to further expand imports. Thank you very much for your support! Here we promise this questionnaire completely anonymous, we promise, will never disclose any of your personal information.
1, you most often through what channels to buy imported goods? [radio] The cross-border electricity supplier Purchasing Duty-free store Convenience Store Large supermarkets In the purchase of origin Other
2, do you usually buy what import goods? [more] food Clothing household electrical appliances automobile Electronic product Maternal and child supplies Health products medical products Agriculture products Handicrafts books Other
3, you look for what are the advantages of imported goods? [more] Cheapness Quality assurance Brand advantage After-sale service The appearance of fashion Other
4, do you think it easy to buy imported goods? [radio] Very convenient commonly Not easy No channel hard to say
5, do you think the domestic import market as well as what is worthy of improvement? [more] High price The channel is less Long time logistics The product updates slow Consumer rights difficult Other
6, do you think the future of China's imports is what should force? [more] To further reduce tariffs The increase of imported goods and type To cultivate the import promotion platform Optimization of import customs clearance process Accelerate the improvement of the domestic business environment